Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Story...

Well, the whole reason there isn't a final chapter up here for this lovely story is because I've cheated and started a new project... Look for the finale of MMB to be up within the week.

As for the new story I've been building...

Well, I'm sad to say that this will probably be the last story I write for roughly a year. For those who don't know me, I'm starting paramedic school in September and my friends and instructors have already warned me that I will have no life but studying, practicals and sleeping. So, I wanted to have one last hurrah before it is time to buckle down and become a full-time student for the first time since I graduated college a few years ago.

I will definitely be posting the rest of the stories I have written and posted on the Hockey Fantasy Fiction board since many have expressed interest in no worries.

I only have a few chapters written of this so far and I contemplated on waiting to post it until it was finished, but like any writer, I am looking for feedback!! It will be a chapter or 2 until we learn about my new hockey muse... strangely, he has been someone that I've been attempting to write about for some time now, but nothing ever seemed to work until this time. I hope you all enjoy and will follow me along on this last adventure before my hiatus!!


  1. Oh my god. I feel like I haven't read anything from you in forever and now I find out that you're going on hiatus! I'm so totally gonna miss reading your stories and I have a lot of catching up to do on "Kisses and Mistletoe" and I can't wait to see who your new mystery man is!

  2. I hope you are still planning another chapter or epilogue on this story!

  3. i love your new story, but i miss this story too. you write awesome stories and MMB is no different. Are you still planning to write an epilogue? I am going to be very sad when you take hiatus. :)