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Chapter 6

A/N: Sorry for missing a day... some of you already know that I work like it's my job, meaning I have 1 full-time gig at as a unit clerk at a hospital and then have 3 part-time gigs as an EMT, plus we can't forget my volunteer gig as a firefighter... oh and a house wife. HAHA. Love it. But sometimes it takes a toll.  Yesterday I had a day off and finally just completely vegged and damn did it feel good. So needless to say, no chapter posted yesterday. So to make up for it... I'm going to post a chapter for the next 3 days... so check back each morning! Hello to my new followers, glad to have you aboard and I look forward to hearing from you!! I find it funny that my regular commenters are already waiting for the drama to happen... You really don't think I can write a drama free story, do you?! I'm appalled. haha. NOT. Flattered that you know my style... ah yes, just hang in there this is gonna be a good ride, I hope!

My oh my, you're so good-looking
Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends
But I've not tasted all your cooking
Who are you when I'm not looking?

I wanna know

Ch. 6

“So I thought someone said you were going to be traveling along with us to do some video work?” I asked her as she sat cross-legged on my bed, supervising my packing for the away trip I was leaving for in a few hours.
“Probably the next one because you guys are headed out to the east coast so I will be able to get a short flight up to PEI after the Philly game to say hi to my parents since there will be a couple days before the next game which is here in Dallas.”
“Oh,” I said, realizing once again that I was still out of the loop when it came to her life, even if it was something as simple as her visiting with her family.  And since it’s a short trip from Boston to Philly, they said you guys will probably be doing some off-day sightseeing somewhere which will be great to get some silly action shots.  Adam has already volunteered to tape some silly footage for me to compile of this road trip.”
I stopped folding my shirts and looked up at her.  “You do know what ‘silly footage’ means, correct?” I asked as I air quoted the words.
“Things that make people laugh?” She asked innocently.
“Pranks.” I simply stated in a serious voice that almost came out harsh to get my point across.  “Did you never see Adam and Patrick Sharp’s prank video’s from the Blackhawks?  The man is a menace.”
An evil smile crept across her face, “Even better,” she proclaimed.  “Aren’t you his roommate?”
“I am,” I said as I went back to packing my suitcase.
“Well then I’m sure you can get in on the act,” she said wistfully as she flopped backwards onto the bed.
“You are trouble, Hanna,” I said, throwing a pair of my rolled up socks at her head.
“Oh you haven’t seen anything yet,” she giggled as the balled up socks came flying back at me.  I batted them into my suitcase and then jumped onto the bed, straddling myself above her as she squeaked in surprise.
“You could always give me a taste before I leave for my roadtrip,” I growled heavily into her ear, causing her to squeak even louder.  I dropped my body on top of hers, effectively pinning her to the bed as I began nibbling at her ear and down her neck, smiling to myself as I noted the fading hickey on the side of her neck that I had left there on Sunday night.  Soon her squeals of silliness faded to a faint mewing sound and instead of trying to push me away, I felt her hands clawing at my shirt as I met her lips and probed her mouth with my tongue.  I sighed when I felt her hands in my hair and became instantly hard, pressing my erection against her thigh.
“What time do you need to leave?” she asked, breaking our kiss to look at my bedside clock.
“2 hours, enough time to make you come at least twice and get a shower with you,” I informed her as I began lifting up her shirt.  “Just remember, your cousin is upstairs, so keep your yelling to a minimum, I don’t need him kicking me out to the curb.”
She giggled, placing her finger over her mouth as a promise to be quiet and arched her back, pushing her plump breasts towards me so that I could pull her shirt off with more ease.  I sat up, still straddling her, set my suitcase on the floor and then pulled off my t-shirt to her spouting out “oo’s and ah’s.”
“Shush,” I growled playfully to her when I leaned back down to her.
“But I can’t get over how sexy you are,” she breathed, lightly running her hands over my skin.
“It’s all apart of the profession…”
“Don’t be so modest and kiss me,” she whined, pulling me back down against her naked chest.  We quickly shimmied out of our pants and soon we were rolling around naked on my bed.  After a little found myself lying underneath her with her thick hair surrounding me as she slid herself down over my dick.  How did I go for so long without having sex?  Probably because I was waiting for a woman like her.
“Fuck, Hanna, you are so hot,” I groaned as she set a rigorous pace.  I couldn’t help but thrust up when she pushed herself down over me; I just wanted to be deep inside of her as much as possible.
“Yes, please don’t stop that,” she whimpered and dug her nails into my shoulders.
Don’t worry, I can’t because I’m about to lose it all together.  And lose it I did only after a few more thrusts as I felt her pussy clamp around my dick.  She latched her lips to mine to muffle the sounds of us hitting our orgasms together.  As soon as we both stopped shaking I sat up and carried her into the shower, still inside of her, causing me to become semi-hard again with the movement.
“Ready to go again?” she grinned as she noticed.  I pulled her off of me and set her down on her feet as I started the water.
“I’m pretty sure I could go on forever with you,” I laughed ironically because I was never this turned on by any other woman I had been with in the past, even the one’s I thought I as in love with.  I was pulled from my thoughts as I felt her finger trace something on my shoulder.
“Oops,” she giggled.
I looked over and saw the red lines her nails had left.  “Well I guess it’s just pay back for this,” I shrugged as I traced the mark on her neck.
We just smiled at each other for a moment and then stepped into the warm shower, allowing it to lubricate each other and I went to work on giving her the second orgasm I promised her.  I also worked on giving myself some memories I planned on thinking about for the next week.

“What is your favorite color?” he asked sleepily into the phone as we played our nightly game of 20 questions.  He would be home in two days and I couldn’t believe how I missed someone I barely knew.
“Hmm…that’s a tough-y because I just love colorful things,” I said as I lay on my couch, twirling a piece of my hair.
“Pick one,” he basically whined into the phone.
“Um, olive green,” I blurted out.
“You look sexy in olive green,” he growled into the phone, reminding me that I had worn that same color the first night we met.  “It makes your eyes sparkle.”
“So you were paying attention to me that first night,” I remarked as I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.
“I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you,” he simply stated.  “I realized I had to be more careful when you caught me that one time.”
I giggled, “Yeah, I remember I caught you and it so totally gave me butterflies,” I said, never once thinking that our conversations probably sounded totally corny right now.  It was like we were two love struck teenagers; it was a shiny new toy that we couldn’t stop gushing over.
“Stop the phone sex!” I heard Adam yell, most likely barging into the room in an oaf like manner.
“Guess I should go,” James mumbled quietly into the phone.  “We do have to be up early for practice in the morning.”
“Okay, sleep well and I’ll talk to you tomorrow afternoon at some point.  I’ll be busy compiling some of the funny stuff Adam has already sent me, so I’ll be waiting for a break.”
“Sounds good, night Hanna.”
“Night, James,” I said with a smile before hitting the ‘end’ button on my phone.  I dropped it onto my coffee table and relaxed back with a Cheshire cat grin that nothing could wipe away.

I spent most of my days at the arena while they were away, working on my little side projects that Jimmy had set aside for me as he traveled with the team.  I enjoyed the fact that I basically had my own office upstairs in the arena, by the sound and lighting booths.  I would turn up the music in my office and let my creative juices flow.  I was editing some video footage that Adam had sent me and cracking up as Adam interviewed some of the players about how the road trip was going and caught some funny footage of the guys playing Wii.  I couldn’t help my wrap my arms around my stomach as I lost it watching James play Mario Kart while wearing this teddy-bear winter hat.  It was definitely some a kid would wear.
Adam: “Nealer, tell our fans the story behind this hat of yours…”
James: He looks over at Adam, shoots him some goofy look and goes back to focusing on his Mario Kart race that he is involved with Benn and Otter.  “It was given to me by my niece a couple years ago.”
Adam: “Are you sure you didn’t just steal it from your niece?” He asks as he turns the camera towards himself and gives a wink.
James: Of course he is still staring at the video game and making inane faces as I assume he is hitting things because Otter is laughing his ass off in the background.  “Nope, it was a present she gave me the night I played my first NHL game and got my first goal.  I make sure it’s packed for when we head up north on road trips to keep me warm.”
Adam: Turns the camera back towards him and says, “Well I’m glad he has something to keep him warm on the road trips, otherwise I’d be afraid he might ask me to cuddle with him since he is my roommate on the road.  At least he has the goofy hat to keep him warm.”
Otter: “I think Brad needs a hat like that!  He hasn’t stopped whining about being cold since we got up here to Calgary…”
Brad: “I heard that!” Brad’s hand comes out nowhere and I see it smack the back of Otter’s head.  Next thing that comes into view is Steve throwing down his controller yelling something about Brad getting what he has deserved and bodies dive over the back of the couch and the camera blacks out.
Oh boy.

“So you are dating Brad’s cousin?” Otter slyly brings up the subject as we were lacing up for morning practice in Calgary.
“I’m shocked it’s taken you this long to say anything,” I remarked with a smirk.
“It’s about time he got his head out of his ass,” Loui chirped from the other side of Otter.  “I think she’s had it bad for him since she got to Dallas.”
“Yeah, she was getting pretty frustrated with your cold shoulder act,” Brad agreed with Loui.  “But from the noises I heard in my house Tuesday afternoon, I’m thinking you’re keeping her pretty warm.”
I instantly felt myself blushing.  “Seriously?!” I groaned, looking back down as I taped up my skates.
“Dude, it’s definitely more embarrassing for me to hear that shit considering she is my family…”
“No, I meant seriously do you have to announce it to the locker room?”
Brad just snorted and said, “You know no one’s relationship is off limits in here, buddy.”
I just shook my head, honestly not as annoyed as I was acting.  “So she said something about heading up to PEI after we play Philly…” I said to Brad.
“Yeah, she wanted to pick up a few things and see the family for a couple days.”
“Do you think it would be too soon for me to ask her fly to Whitby with me so that she can meet my rents and then she can head to PEI after that?”
“Whoa!” Loui piped up before Brad could answer me.  “The tables have completely turned for you.  Guess you really must be serious about her.”
“I would just like to show her where I’m from,” I defended.  “Not like I’m going to ask her to marry me…”
“She would probably appreciate that,” Brad cut-in, ignoring the banter between Loui and me.  “Probably good for the two of you to get out of the hockey fishbowl for a couple days and get to know each other away from the crowd here,” he finished, sending a warning glare at Loui.
I just nodded as Loui piped up, “Seriously James, I might bust your balls, but Brad is right, getting out of the fishbowl with your woman helps with that whole balance thing we talked about the other night.”
I just smiled at my friends as I thanked them for the advice.

The internship was moving along quite nicely.  I did feel a little out of place with most of the interns when we would have group meetings.  I quickly found that I had a lot more responsibility than most of the group; to the point that I actually kept some things to myself when we talked about what projects we were involved in.  The front office knew what I was up to, since Jimmy kept them informed, but I didn’t think it was necessary for the others to catch wind that I was being groomed for a permanent position.  It was already awkward enough to explain why I would be traveling with the team on their next road trip.
“Must be nice to have family on the team?” Trevor, one of the marketing interns said snidely as we wrote down our weekly goals.
“It’s nice to see my cousin everyday,” I said politely, trying to ignore his rudeness.
“You are one of the first interns to go on the road with the team.  You can’t tell me that having your cousin on the team doesn’t get your special perks,” he grumbled loud enough to get the others at our table to look over at me. 
Before I could explain, Rachel, one of the prissy PR girls piped up, “Probably helps when you are fucking Burish…”
“Whoa,” I said, holding up my hands as I became completely floored.  “You all don’t know what you are talking about.  I am not having relations with Burish except for the fact that he is a friend of mine.  I am not the only intern to go on road trips.  Jason and Kerry, the equipment and physical training interns travel with the team; hence why they are not here for our little get together.  Plus, it just so happens Jimmy and I have a lot of projects we are working on so I’m going along to help oversee them.  It’s all apart of my internship and it has nothing to do with who is my family or if I’m having relations with someone,” I hissed back at the two nosey pricks and to the rest of the table just in case they also felt the need to trash me.
“Your point has been made, but know that interns who sleep with the players always end up dumped and on the outside looking in.  You won’t be finding me sleeping my way to the top,” the Rachel smirked as she got up from the table and walked away with her blonde hair swinging back and forth as she moved like she had something long shoved up her ass.
I gathered up my paperwork, shoved it in my bag and walked out the opposite way of the room making sure no one saw the tears that were threatening to well up in my eyes.  I expected some backlash of some sort for being Brad’s cousin; especially after the extra introduction I received and the cat calls from the guys, but I didn’t prepare myself enough for the jealous bitches.  Grow some skin, Hanna.  You know that you aren’t sleeping your way to the top and that everything you have acquired with this internship has come earned honestly.  I just hoped that my peer reviews didn’t squash all that honesty.
I was walking down the hall with my head down, swiping away some of the tears that had accidentally escaped when I ran into a man.  “I’m sorry,” I’m mumbled as I went to side step him.
“Hanna Richards?”
I stopped and looked up to find Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk looking at me concerned.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Nieuwendyk.  I wasn’t paying attention,” I rushed as I quickly wiped at my face again hoping he couldn’t see I was upset.
“Rough day?” he asked with a friendly smile.
I couldn’t help but leave out a small laugh.  “Yeah, guess you could say that.”
“I was in the conference room, sitting in the back corner watching how the interns were interacting with each other.  I couldn’t help but notice your table.”
I sighed as I dropped my heavy bag off my shoulder and onto the floor, staging myself to explain.  “I’m sorry about that, but…”
He held up his hand stopping me.  “Hanna, Jimmy has spoken to me about you several times already.  You’ve only been here two weeks and already you have made yourself a force to be reckoned with.  You’re ideas have been sensational so far and I’m excited to see what you come up with the videos.  Keep proving yourself worthy around here and you’ll be seeing a job offer come the end of April.  Don’t let the smart ass kids get under your skin; you have a job to do, so just keep focused on that.  As for hanging out with the players,” he started slowly.  Shit, here it comes.  “We don’t have dating rules but if you have something going on with one of them, I’d keep it secret as much as possible.  I know that it is hard to do but we don’t want it interfering with your future.  Okay?” he finished with a smile that warned me if I didn’t plan my steps I might be walking out the door in April without a job offer sheet, effectively giving up everything I’ve worked hard for over the past 4 years in college.
“I understand, Mr. Nieuwendyk.  Thank you very much for the kind words and advice,” I said with an actress smile, as I felt my stomach drop to the floor.  This is your shot, don’t fuck up.


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  2. Wow that Rachel girl is crazy! I could see some problems with her in the future. The video interviews with Burish made me miss him so much! Aww, gotta love him! Great chapter! PS-never pictured James to be like that but i love it!

  3. So glad to see an update! I'm glad you relaxed yesterday. Your life is HECTIC from what it seems!
    Anyways, I agree with JamieLynn19; I have a bad vibe coming from Rachel... I feel like she's gonna ruin things. As for James, everytime you talk about his body, I'm intrigued.. I really wanna see what he looks like shirtless... As for the video Adam filmed, it sounded TOO funny!
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