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Chapter 7

A/N: @Mimi - I am able to promise 3 chapters because I had already started this story a while ago... I have about 12 chapters done... so after that, it might not be that close together because I'm still in the process of writing it. hehe. But yea, I hear ya... sometimes it's tough to keep writing the chapters and banging them out like a parts machine. :o)
Lovin' the comments ladies... I tried looking for some shirt-less pics of Neal, however it seems none are available... seen a few of him in tight stuff that gives a fairly good idea, so that's what I'm sticking to. haha.

Alright... putting on the warning label. Adult Content.

Come on closer
I wanna show you
What I'd like to do
You sit back now
Just relax now
I'll take care of you

Ch. 7

“Hello?” she answered in a sleepy voice that made me smile.  I was going to wait and just see her in the morning, but I couldn’t do it.  The one thing I kept dreaming about on the plane ride home was having her in my arms, so I needed to make it a reality.  This past week was filled with a lot of question and answer phone conversations, learning about one another.  Brad even yelled at me one night because I wouldn’t stop asking questions about her.
“Why don’t you save these questions for her when we get back home?  If you know everything about her, you won’t have a damn thing to talk about,” he laughed as he threw a pee at me.  “For someone who didn’t want anything to do with her a week ago, the tune has sure changed since you spent the night with her,” he teased.
“You’re right.  I need to back off…” I said as I put my fork down and ran my hands through my hair.
“You don’t need to back off, Nealer.  Just take it a day at a time,” Loui said, throwing in his 2-cents.  “She’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  Like I said, I think you have the right idea about taking her to Whitby for a day to meet the family, definitely nothing wrong with it.  Take your time; get to know her without feeling the need you need to move in with her tomorrow when you get home.”
“I was hoping to see her when I got home…” I mumbled more to myself but loud enough for my two friends to here.
“There is nothing wrong with seeing her when you get home.  Sex and moving in are two different things,” Loui said with a wink.
“Aah! Don’t talk about my cousin and sex in the same sentence please!  I remember her in diapers!” Brad freaked as he dramatically covered his ears with his hands.
Loui and I busted up laughing and each threw a pea off our own plates at him.
Now I was leaving the airport and hoping to at least see her long enough to give her a kiss.  “Hey Hanna.”
“You are a lucky man that tomorrow is Saturday and I don’t need to be at the rink,” she said with a groggy whine.
“Can you make me even luckier by unlocking your door for me?” I asked sweetly.
“Hmmm,” she breathed into the phone.  “Where are you?”
“20 minutes out.”
“Just let yourself in and lock the door behind you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Even if I wasn’t, I’m too tired and delirious to say otherwise,” she giggled into the phone.  “Be careful to not steal all my blankets when you crawl in; I just might have to kick you out then.”
“See you soon.”
I was ramped up when I walked into the house to find it quiet.  The only noise was the tick-tock of the clock in her living room.  I laid my jacket over her couch like I had done almost a week ago and then carried my overnight bag up the steps, trying to be as quiet as possible.  I walked into her room that was dimly lit by the night-light in her bathroom to find her laying on top of the blankets wrapped in what looked to be a short, silky wrap with her back facing me.  I stripped down to just my boxers and carefully crawled across the bed to spoon behind her.  I gently kissed her ear and whispered, “I’ve missed you.”  I jumped a bit when her hand grabbed mine that was resting on the small of her hip.
“Show me,” she whispered as she rolled onto her back, revealing that her silk robe was not tied in the front as she split open to display her nakedness.  Her eyes were heavy with sleep and desire as moved my hand up to her stomach and pushed apart her robe even farther.  I couldn’t help but devour her with my eyes for a moment, reminding myself that she was real and that this was the woman who was going to change my track record of failed relationships. 
If this would have been a normal night with one of my past girlfriends I had in the past, I would have just come home and slid into bed, telling them that I was too tired because the long road trip had taken the energy out of me.  Hockey was my excuse for everything.  I had explained this to Hanna during one of our phone conversations this past week and she promised to make sure we began this relationship with good habits.  Of course she made fun of me a bit for only being 23 and making excuses a man in his 50’s would make when he couldn’t get it up.  She also told me that she was surprised because the few times we had sex, I really seemed to enjoy it and that I was very good at making sure both of us finished satisfied.  I told her that was because I actually had a partner that I cared about.  She just laughed at this telling me not to bullshit her, but I had meant the words with all my heart.  She was not the girlfriend that cared about me only for my status.  She was not the girlfriend that had the personality of a brick.  This was a woman who I could actually see myself settling down with.  Don’t get carried away yet.  But then again, how the hell can’t I when she’s laying here purring my name and making me fall in love with her every time she says something.  Tonight no excuses would be made as I leaned down over her and captured her lips in mine while my fingers wandered across her smooth skin.

I wanted him to realize that when he was away from the rink I demanded his full attention.  I was going to show him that there was life away from hockey and that he could revel in both.  I was exhausted when he called but as soon as we hung up I found that my body was betraying me as I reached down between my legs and felt the moisture that was already present with just the thought of him crawling into my bed.  I knew what I needed to do.  I dug in my drawer and pulled out the silky short-wrap thing my best friend Angie had made me buy on impulse the other summer to spice up my sex life with my boyfriend at the time.  I never wore it because it turned out nothing was going to spice up our sex life when he was getting laid by my best guy friend. Eeewie.
It took all I had not to roll over the moment I heard him enter the room.  I had ideas of meeting him downstairs when he got here or walking out of the bathroom with the robe open, but I decided it was just best to pretend I was sleeping.  Goosebumps played across my flesh when he placed his hand on my hip and whispered in my ear.
Show me. Show me he did.  He began with leaving paths on my skin from his kisses and I couldn’t help but cry out as he nudged my legs apart with his hands so that he could run his tongue on the inside the sensitive part of my thigh.  “Oh yessss...” I hissed as he swirled his tongue around my folds with painstakingly slow strokes.  I watched through half covered eyes as he repositioned himself down between my legs.  The moonlight the crept into my room illuminated his muscular back as he moved, causing me to haphazardly drool.  Thank goodness he is involved with more important things.  “Is that day old facial hair?” I asked as I sucked in a sharp breath when his chin grazed my leg.
“More like 4 day old,” he mumbled, causing me to laugh and basically slammed my legs shut on his head.  Thankfully he anticipated my reaction and quickly wrapped his arms around my legs so that I wouldn’t be able to move.  Without any more words he went to his full-time job and began using his tongue and fingers in ways I didn’t know were legal.  I grabbed onto his hair and hung on for the ride as I came twice to his charms.  After my second orgasm I felt his tongue graze over my now over-stimulated folds.
I pulled up on his hair, garnering eye contact as he rested his chin on my mound, looking like a sexy mess with his hair all over and 4 day old facial scrub that barely covered his chin.  “Yes, Hanna?”
“No more,” I breathed out.  “I can’t take anymore of that right now.  You are too good and I am completely unraveled at the moment.”
He chuckled as he did a push up and crawled up over top of me.  “How about this?” he whispered in a sexy voice as he slid his hardened length inside of me.
“As long as you don’t expect me to do much,” I murmured while enjoying the feel of him inside of me again.
He just gave me a cocky smile and threw my legs up on his shoulders as he began fucking me senseless and building me up to what would become another orgasm.
This guy is way too good for his own good.  I saw bright lights as he shot his warm goodness deep into me, moaning out my name in low tones that sounded terribly sexy.
When he finished, I just left my jello feeling legs slide down his shoulders and hit the bed with a thump.  “How did I find you single?” I mumbled almost incoherently as I laid my arm above my head on the pillow.
“What do you mean?”
“You are a sexual master and yet you were single.  I’m not quite sure how someone could leave you.  Even if you decided to kick me to the curb I’d have to handcuff myself to your bedpost and just beg for sex.”
He laughed quietly as he laid down beside me, propping himself up on an elbow.  “First of all I never felt the need to pleasure those other women like I feel I need to when I’m with you.  Second, I didn’t lo-l-like them the way I like you,” he said with a sheepish smile that turned to a big grin, “But please, feel free to handcuff yourself to my bed and beg…”
My breath caught when he began to say the “L” word but I was able to breathe a little easier when it came out as “like.”  I was falling hard for him, but I knew we should be nowhere near the word I believed was a serious word that shouldn’t be thrown around easily.  I swatted at him for the last part as I pushed myself up on my elbow so that I could reach his lips.  I stopped centimeters from his lips when I said, “With how horny you seem to be, I don’t think I’ll have to beg much.”
He nodded as I giggled at him blushing.
“Welcome back from you trip babe, it’s time for sleep,” I cooed.  I then ran my tongue across his lips before he crushed me back onto my bed and pillow, kissing me sweetly.

I can’t believe I almost blurted out that I loved her.  You idiot.  Don’t ruin this!  But then again I am falling for her very quickly.  Now, however, was not the time to be professing the four letter word that I do not use lightly.  Hell, I never used the word, which was basically the main cause for my failed relationships.  Even though I would never compare this relationship to any of my previous ones, I still was not going to just use it for the sake of using it.
Once again I awoke with her curled up against me.  I was not usually one to sleep in close quarters, but for some reason I refused to move to a place on the bed where she wasn’t at least touching me in some way.  I was glad that she seemed content to be held all night because I don’t think I would have been able to sleep otherwise.
“So I have a question for you,” I asked quietly as I ran her soft hair through my fingers.  She was half laying on me as we had the sheets wrapping tightly around us.
“Yeah?” she answered.
“Would you be interested in coming to Whitby for a day before you head up to PEI after Philly?  I would like to stop at home and see my rents and surprise them.”
I could feel her lips curl up against my skin.  “Yeah, I’d like that,” she said with no hesitation, “Under one condition though…”
“That condition would be?”
“You have to come to PEI with me,” she instructed as she lifted her head and rested her chin on my chest.
“We would need to be home by Wednesday even because we have a home game Thursday night,” I informed her.
“That would be fine.  I just wanted to be able to hug my momma.”
I couldn’t help but smile back at her, thinking about how much she sounded like a homesick child.  “Okay, sounds like a plan; now the next item on my agenda.”
“Next item?” she asked, raising a curious eyebrow that I couldn’t help tracing with my thumb.
“So can I call you my girlfriend?”
She giggled shyly, causing my body to move with hers.  Her brown eyes had that distinctive sparkle shining in them.  “You can, but we kind of need to keep it a little on the down low.”
“What do you mean?” I asked slightly confused.
I talked to the GM the other day who said that even though they don’t have rules about interns dating the players; he warned not to flaunt it around because they wouldn’t want ‘anything getting in the way,’” she air quoted the last part.  “Already I had one of the interns accusing me of sleeping with Burish to get higher in the internship,” she grumbled.
“I don’t want to put your career in jeopardy,” I frowned.
“I appreciate that,” she said softly as she leaned in and kissed me gently, pulling back before I could get my fingers threaded into her hair.  “I know most of the guys know about us, but we should just make a conscious effort to not be all over each other at team functions and public events.”
“I’m not that much of a public affection guy anyway…” I said truthfully.
“I like holding hands.”
“Well I think we can do that,” I said as I pulled her back against my lips again before she could protest.

“You two wanna come to the Cowboys/Eagles game this evening?” Burish asked on the other end of the phone.  “It’s a 4pm start-time so I figured we could meet up for a late lunch and then go to the game.  Richie and Otter are on board and I am bringing a chick along.”
I looked over at Hanna who was feeding her face with some eggs and bobbing her head up and down.  “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  We’ll meet you at Charlie’s Grill. See ya, Burr.”  I threw the cell phone on the table and flopped back down onto the couch, opening my mouth for a bite of Hanna’s scrambled eggs.
“It will be weird watching a football game where I won’t be freezing my ass off in the middle of January,” she mused as she fed me a fork full.
“Have you been to a lot of football games?” I asked as I chewed my food, gaining a furrowed eye-brow look.
“Oh yeah, tailgated like idiots for the Colorado State games and even went to a couple Bronco’s games, although I can’t say I have a favorite NFL team.  I could probably borrow a Tampa Bay jersey from Brad,” she said thoughtfully.
“Um no, we will have to pick you up a Dallas jersey because if you are caught in a Buc’s jersey tonight it won’t be pretty,” I informed her.

We walked into Charlie’s Grill all “Cowboy’d up” in our blue and white, fitting in with a bunch of the other pre-gaming fans.
“I let you out of my sight for 5 minutes and you return in Cowboy’s colors!” Brad whined as he opened his arms to show off his Buc’s black and maroon.
“I’m just trying to keep her safe,” James said as he fist bumped the boys.
“I soo would have went in Tampa Bay colors,” I informed Brad as I hugged him, already feeling like I was apart of some big cult in the Cowboys colors.
Brad held up his hand to my face and said, “See what happens when you get a boyfriend? You just forget to talk to you cousin about decisions you need to make.”
I laughed as I shook my head and swatted at him.  We were having a fake slap fight when we heard a boisterous voice behind us.
“Hey boysss!” Adam loudly yelled as he walked over to us with a familiar bitchy blonde on his arm.  It took all I had not to scowl when I saw her prissy little face smiling evilly at me.  “This is Rachel!  She’s one of the interns,” he said with a broad smile, obviously oblivious to how much of a witch she was.
“Oh hey, Hanna!” she said sweetly as she walked over and pulled me into a hug.
I threw on a fake smile and said, “Rachel, surprised to see you using my so-called terrible methods to get ahead,” I said quietly through my teeth.
“Believe me hunnie, I have this down to a science.  My daddy didn’t pay for my boob job for nothing,” she said snidely.
I wanted to vomit.  I was looking forward to a fun day out with the boys, but now I was going to have to watch my step because I figured if she could find anything to use against me, she would.
James noticed my change of attitude instantly.  “What’s wrong, Hanna?” he asked as we walked over to the salad bar together.
“You know that whole no public affection thing?”
“But the guys know…”
“Yeah, but Rachel doesn’t need to.  She is the one who was bullying me the other day and the sick part is that she is just using Adam.  Not that dating him will get her out of selling programs,” I growled quietly.
“Adam’s a big boy, he’ll figure it out.  As for me and you, we will just act our normal selves.  I’m not worried about stupid cunts like her.”
I covered his mouth with my hand, “That is one nasty ass word, Neal.”
“Even for someone like her?” he asked, still muffled by my hand.
I lowered my hand, turned back towards the salad bar and began putting lettuce on my plate as I made him wait for my answer.  “Nah, probably a good word for a biotch like her,” I smiled to myself, not even daring to make eye contact with James, knowing I’d lose it in laughter like he was doing as soon as the words were out of my mouth.
“You are an evil woman.  You should have come with a warning label,” he picked, giggling like a school girl.
“Never a dull moment with me, buddy,” I turned to him with a wink.
“Never a dull moment,” he echoed.

Wow, Rachel was a world class whore.  No two ways around it, she was a whore.  I’m pretty sure Adam only saw 15 minutes of the 1st quarter.  The rest of the football game they had tongues down each others throat and by the 3rd quarter they were leaving.  Not that I am complaining.  Finally I don’t have to act like I’m doing something wrong by being in a relationship with Hanna.
“Guess they aren’t coming back…” Otter grumbled as he rolled his eyes.
I leaned back and put on my moves by doing the “exaggerated arm draping” across Hanna’s shoulders.  “I can finally relax,” I announced as Hanna sat forward in her seat trying to get away from my arm.
“Eeewie, don’t think you can put your arm around me!” she squeaked with a playful smile.
“Don’t make me sit between you two!  I’ve seen enough disgusting things today,” Brad declared.
“I have to agree with you there, Cuz,” Hanna said as she leaned back in her seat and into my side comfortably.  “I told you she was bad news.”
“I wouldn’t mind having something like her for a good anger fuck after a bad game, but that would only be because she is definitely one of those chicks you could kick to the curb and not feel bad afterwards because she deserved it,” Steve said.
I felt Hanna flinch a bit at his brutal honesty and I guess Brad did too because he instantly stood up for our friend.  “Hanna, believe me, Steve does not treat women like that but I have to say in this profession you find the women out there who are just a disgrace to your kind…”
“Shit Hanna, I would never do anything to hurt a woman,” Steve defended himself with a sorrowful smile.  “You can ask these guys, I’m probably one of the biggest saps when it comes to women.”
“I know you are with me,” she said, giving him a reassuring smile.
“That because he knows I’d kick his ass,” I piped up as I puffed out my chest.
“Oh please,” Hanna said before anyone else could knock me down a few pegs.  “Otter would kill you,” she informed me as she stretched up and kissed me on the cheek while patting my head.  I could feel the heat rising up my neck as the guys busted up laughing.
“She’s got you figured out, Nealer.  You are finished,” someone chirped.  Don’t I know it.


  1. I knew it! I knew Rachel would come back to haunt her. Ugh. She thinks Hanna is playing dirty and sinking low to get this job, when shes the one who's doing it. I hope Bur realizes it soon! Hahahaha adult content for sure. And I love that he almost dropped the "L" bomb... It'll come out soon! Great update!

  2. So, I know I'm way behind here, but I finally got a chance to sit down and read this story without a bunch of interruptions. I've read all your other stories and love every one! You make me run through a gamut of emotions, from laughing to crying. Can't wait to see what you do here. I couldn't resist making a comment about the Cowboys/Eagles game. It made me smile because it reminds me of how growing up those games were such a big deal and how much I hate the Cowboys!!! :)

    Rachel is evil and I hope she doesn't mess up Hanna and James too much. Ok, I'm moving on now...loving this so far!